Welcome to Achilles Radial

Welcome to Achilles Radial

Experience and innovative power – self-confidence and youthfulness! These values bring Achilles-branded tyres to the road. In a state-of-the-art plant in Indonesia, the products for the passenger car and Ltruck sector have been manufactured since 1988, which are now available worldwide.

Steady growth and assistance from global players of tire technology in development have turned Achilles into a quality brand for the athletically ambitious driver who wants to “experience” internationally recognized quality at a reasonable price.

The Achilles Radial brand’s product portfolio covers a wide range of profiles which provide the right profile for every vehicle type.

Whether summer or winter, car or SUV – Achilles Radial has the right tyre for your vehicle type.

Sporty safety is the motto of Achilles – the high performance tyres, which set the trends.